History in Review
Showcase and Collections"

Larry Pogue's Sculpture Gallery
A unique gallery, located on historic Front St. in Washington, MO commanding a majestic spot over looking the Missouri River.;

Because the artist does so many commissions each situation brings about a different solution. Presented here is a collection of some of his previous pieces.
Variations of mixed media wall sculptures
(stainless steel, brass, copper mild steel)
Continuation of mixed media wall sculptures
Residential Fountains
(stainless steel)
Free Standing;
(stainless steel)
Free Standing
(stainless steel)
Free Standing
(stainless steel & copper)
Painted Sculptures
David Smith Collection
Showcase Pieces
Hilton Fountains
C.I.D (St. Louis)
ALTER Magnet

011 Perpetual Care

029 Flying Book

017 Migration

048 Saturn-2

018 Changing Seasons
043   Oriental Symphony  044
023   Wisconsin & Snowflake    024
031   Turtle Dove & Siegfried Reinhardt's Bird   032
021   Chimes of Time & Landscape with the Moon   022
051                                        052
  Hold your face up to the light, even though for the - moment you don't see

081 GM Lobby

083  Citizen's Bank

084  East Central College

082  Advanced Tool Design

085  Copper Mountain -  "Spirit Tree"
    086                                   087                                   088
O'Fallon Veterans Memorial Walk - "Eternal Flame"



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